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COVID-19 – Update to Services

23/07/2020 ** UPDATED** We are back and raring to go! Following the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the Government, we are currently gearing up to full production and have added several new models to our ranges, particularly in the lorry sector.  Thank you all for persevering with smoothskins during this difficult time and I […]

Luxury Floor Mats for Renault T520 High Commissioned


The Renault T 520 High is a magnificent lorry and true to its name. As I found out while measuring for Floor mats in the cab area you are a long way from the ground! Despite this we measured and made the 2 sets shown in the photographs below. Fearless George @smoothskinsautocare Renault T520 Floor […]

Range Rover Evoque Car Mats

Here is a good example of our Diamond Luxe Car Mats, in this instance for a Range Rover Evoque. Please note our car mats have a tray feature to help retain dirt, small stones, etc. This is designed to help make cleaning easier. £90 for a set delivered with tracked and signed for service.