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Smoothskins Car Boot and Lorry Cabin Protection Systems

Great Products to Protect the boot of your car, 4 x 4, SUV and Lorry cabs

and provide a touch of luxury to your journey.

* mattress covers Now Available for Lorry Cabs!!

Our vehicle interior protector is:


Our system is a bespoke, premium product that requires no cutting or adjusting


Improves the look of your car boot area whilst at the same time dealing with the issue of carrying wet and dirty items


Our custom-made boot protectors are carefully designed to fit your boot perfectly, with a rapid and easy to follow installation

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Product Overview

We have a range of exciting products, from bespoke car boot protection systems to specialist floor mat systems.

Smoothskins are perfect for protecting your vehicle’s interior, keeping it clean and maintaining its value.

Easy to fit

The majority of boot liners have to be cut to size to make them fit a car.

The smoothskins system is a bespoke, premium product that requires no cutting or adjusting. Our boot protector is easily installed in 5 to 10 minutes.

Diamond Luxe Patterned Truck Mats and Car Boot Liners

Our truck floor mats and car boot protectors are available in a variety of colourways and stitch styles.

Diamond luxe faux leather padded surface, providing ultimate protection for your truck footwells, car boots, seat backs and bumpers.

Black Single Stitch
Blue Single Stitch
Red Single Stitch
Green Single Stitch
Grey Single Stitch
Black Double Stitch
Blue Double Stitch
Red Double Stitch
Orange Double Stitch
Grey Double Stitch
White Double Stitch

Smoothskins panels attach using single sided Velcro or our unique Plectrum clip system. This is used when Velcro is not able to adhere to your car carpet.

The car boot, seat backs, sides, floor and bumper are fully protected.

  • Carpets are not affected by Smoothskins products
  • Panels wipe clean easily with wet wipes
  • All seats and blinds operate normally

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