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Why choose our boot liner system?

Why our boot protection system excels in the marketplace:

Water Resistant

The Great British weather treats us to a multitude of wet weather. From light, misty rain to torrential storms, the end result is the same – mud and moisture that somehow ends up in our vehicles! 

Muddy paws, shoes, pushchair wheels, golf bags and hiking gear (to name but a few) end up in the boot. Regardless of how careful you are, you’re sure to find yourself vacuuming dirt and frantically trying to dry your car boot out.

Thankfully, our boot liner system works to not only protect your car boot from the mud and moisture that an outdoor lifestyle brings; it also enhances the look and feel of your car boot. 

Our boot protectors are constructed from stylish, water-resistant and wipeable fabrics. As a result, the durable materials mitigate the likelihood of stains and smells, therefore helping to keep your car in great condition. 

Protecting your vehicle from damage not only makes your vehicle a more pleasant place to be, but it also helps to improve the resale value of your car. This is of particular benefit to cars on lease, where vehicles must be returned in pristine condition to avoid charges. 

Pet Friendly

The soft and padded boot protector is incredibly robust, easy to maintain and has great levels of comfort for your pet. 

Unlike other ‘hard’ boot liners, that provide your pet little support, our boot protector is a little different. Because it is made from soft and padded materials, our boot protector makes it easy for your pet to travel in comfort. 

The quilted pattern further improves grip for your pet and other items that you may have in your boot. 

Furthermore, our fabric does not cling on to pet hair, so it’s easy to vacuum out as and when required. The material can also be wiped clean using a mild detergent, so you can keep your vehicle looking and smelling cleaner for longer. 

Robust and Easy to Clean

Our boot protectors are robust, providing hard wearing protection to your vehicle from the items you put in it. 

For those who often carry ‘dirty’ loads (whether it’s dogs, farm equipment, hiking gear etc), our boot protection system is a great solution for you. The stylish finish and bespoke fit ensures a comprehensive cover that provides durable protection against mud, moisture and impact.   

We have selected our material not only for its durable performance, but also for the wipe-clean qualities. Unlike other liner systems that are tricky to clean, our material can simply be wiped down. A mild detergent can be used to freshen up your vehicle in no time, leaving a great clean finish with minimal effort.

Easy to Fit

The majority of boot liners have to be cut to size to make them fit a car; the smoothskins system is a bespoke, premium product that requires no cutting or adjusting. They are designed for home installation; and as a result, your boot protection will be fully installed and protecting your boot within minutes.

Our custom-made boot protectors are carefully designed to fit your boot perfectly. The rapid and easy to follow installation is perfect for home use.

Hand Built in the UK

We hand-build all of our products in our UK factory, ensuring the highest level of quality control and perfect fit.

Each boot protector is designed to be a bespoke fit for each make and year of car we equip. 

Great Solutions to Protect the Carpeted Areas in Your Car

Great for:

  • Dog owners
  • Horse owners
  • Fishermen
  • Hikers
  • Surfers
  • Golfers
  • Football players
  • Festival goers

Certainly, everyone can benefit from a boot protector! Our liner system provides a lightweight, durable layer between your car boot and the items you put in it. The boot liner maintains the cleanliness and usability of your boot area. Consequently, it also dramatically reduces the amount of time required to keep your boot looking good.

Our easy to use car boot protection is a must-have for many people with a variety of interests. It greatly reduces the time spent cleaning the boot and enhances the feel of your vehicle. It really is a great investment that everyone can benefit from!

Specifically Designed to Fit your Vehicle

We are constantly adding new vehicles to our range. Systems ready to go are listed below.

For vehicles not listed, we offer a same day measuring and fitting service from our premises located in Mansfield.