Why choose the smoothskins system?

Why the smoothskins boot protection system excels in the marketplace:


Given the vagaries of the British weather, whatever kind of outdoor activity you choose, there will be a time when you have to put wet or muddy (or both) items in the boot.

Whether its your dog, your pram, your fishing gear, your golf bag, your hiking gear; they will end up in the boot, transferring their moisture and dirt to your boot area carpets, sidewalls and seat backs.

Because smoothskins is a premium product, installing the system actually IMPROVES the look of your car boot area at the same time dealing with the issue of carrying wet and dirty items.

The protector’s water-resistant fabric and its bespoke construction prevent liquids from seeping into the carpeted areas of your boot mitigating the likelihood of stains and smells in the boot area, and helping to maintain your car in pristine condition.

And when it comes time to sell your car the resale value is enhanced; Lease car owners can attract remediation costs if the car is returned in less than perfect condition, so fitting the smoothskins system can save you money in the long term!

Pet Friendly

The padded surface of the smoothskins protector is designed for robustness, easy maintenance and, more importantly, comfort for your pet.

Most boot protection systems on the market are made from hard surface materials and offer little ‘grip area for the animal, which means that they slide around uncontrollably in the boot.

The smoothskins system offers a padded, diamond-patterned surface, offering both grip and comfort to your canine passengers as well as preventing items in the boot sliding around excessively.

And because the entire boot area is covered, the boot sides and seat backs offer additional protection to anything carried in the boot – as well as offering protection to these areas from the items placed in the boot – a real win-win situation.

Because the smoothskins fabric is non-absorbent, you don’t have any problems with odour issues either!

Robust and Easy to Clean

Our robust boot lining systems protects both the items you put into the boot while protecting the boot area from damage from your loaded items.

If you often carry ‘dirty’ loads, then you need the additional protection offered by the smoothskins system and because it has such an attractive finish and brilliant, made-to-measure fit, you can leave the system in place, avoiding the need to constantly install and uninstall the protection every time you need it.

Boots are amazing dirt collectors – especially if you follow outdoor pursuits or have dogs.

The smoothskins system offers wipe clean maintenance with no awkward ridges as offered by many boot protection systems that trap dirt and often have to be removed completely for a proper clean.

Easy to fit

The majority of boot liners have to be cut to size to make them fit a car; the smoothskins system is a bespoke, premium product that requires no cutting or adjusting; they are designed for home installation, but the process is so simple that your boot protection will be fully installed and protecting your boot within minutes.

Our custom-made boot protectors are carefully designed to fit your boot perfectly, with a rapid and easy to follow installation.

Hand Built in the UK

We hand-build all of our products in our UK factory, ensuring the highest level of quality control and perfect fit.

Each boot protector is designed to be a bespoke fit for each make and year of car we equip.

Great Solutions to Protect Your Carpeted Areas in Your Car

Great for:

  • Dog owners
  • Horse owners
  • Fishermen
  • Hikers
  • Surfers
  • Golfers
  • Football players
  • Festival goers

In fact any type of outdoor activity where there is a chance that the equipment used – boots, wetsuits, golf bags, dog walking, fishing equipment, running, horse riding – gets dirty, you WILL need some form of boot protection to maintain the integrity, cleanliness and usability of your boot area.

Mud, moisture, sand, grass clippings-and worse- are the things that you do not want in your car interior or boot load space – removing the debris from a great day out really detracts from the enjoyment of the activity.

The last thing you want after a fantastic family day at the beach is to spend hours removing all traces of sand from the car carpets and boot areas; and if you don’t, then the sand has a tendency to spread everywhere and contaminate everything in the car for months and months.

And with car prices escalating, doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment by ensuring your vehicle is kept in great condition?

smoothskins has a range of products from bespoke car boot protection systems to specialist car mat systems that are just perfect for protecting your vehicle’s interior, keeping it clean and maintaining your car’s value.

Contact smoothskins on 07736 619112 for a fantastic deal on car interior protection systems.

Specifically Designed to Fit your Vehicle

We are constantly adding new vehicles to our range. Systems ready to go are listed below.

For vehicles not listed we offer a same day measuring and fitting service from our premises located in East Boldon