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Hand Made in the UK

We hand make all of our products in our UK factory, ensuring the highest level of quality control and perfect fit. Each boot protector is designed to be a bespoke fit for each make and year of car.

Should your car not be on our list of car makes, just contact us to discuss creating a bespoke template for your vehicle. You’ll need to bring your vehicle to us, where our designers can take the pattern, made bespoke to your vehicle.

Our product looks great and is, more often than not, kept as a permanent install in our customers’ cars. It protects the car’s cargo space, with minimal maintenance to keep it clean.

Its robust construction and tough, wipe clean finish is an excellent result for dog-owners, golfers, hikers, fishing fanatics, tradesmen and many others. Our liner protects the boot area from being contaminated by mud, spills, dog hairs, dirty equipment bags – you name it, our system will protect your boot from all types of hazards.

Our Boot Protectors are a great investment when it comes to saving you time and money.

Bespoke Service

Our bespoke service also means that you can have a custom-built protector for all areas of your car.

You will need to bring your vehicle to us for the day, to allow our designer can take the pattern. You can then drive away with your fitted boot protector the same day!

Audi Q5 Boot Protector
Model shown is an Audi A6 Avant